People change. PLACES AS WELL.

I’m sure everyone of you knows that feeling. Those places from our childhood we used to visit once or perhaps more often and of which we have a very clear picture in our minds. An image so clear as if it had been yesterday. Maybe there was that incredibly beautiful spot by the river one rediscovered again every other year in summer. Or the cave one picked as their hideout with some friends. And of course there was surely that one swimming pool with the fantastic slides of which one just couldn’t get enough. Do you still remember how wonderful and huge everything seemed to us then?

Mostly, when we make a trip many years later to visit those wonderful places from our past again, we get rather disappointed as we realize: Not only people change, but places do as well.

One guy who’s focused on these changes in a really exciting photographic project is Pablo Iglesias Maurer. He got the idea when he discovered an old, postcard-style photograph of a golf course on his desk. The picture was titled “How to run a Successful Golf Course” and Pablo Iglesias Maurer was wondering what his golf course from the 1960s would look like today. He traveled there and saw immediately that the golf course wasn’t looking at all anymore the way it looked like 50 years ago. And obviously it hadn’t been run that successfully, either.

The photographer was fascinated by the changes over the years and ordered more postcards from the 1960s before he went on a tour. Speaking for myself, I find the results of his project really exciting. Especially because I’ve often tried to rediscover places from my past just to realize that we cannot find our past again.








Photos: Pablo Iglesias Maurer

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