“#365 Unpacked “– The trash of our lives.


Being honest, we all know it. Some of us still manage to look the other way or close our eyes about it, but we do know it. We are slowly (or not even so slowly) but steadily covering this planet with trash. Trash that inevitably will, at some point, rob us from enough fertile soil to grow our food or to feed the animals some of us consider our food. There is some areas in this world, where the “looking away from it” isn’t that easy anymore, like the trash covered Henderson Island, which was formerly known for its biodiversity. (Link to some really disturbing photos of the “trash island” HERE)

But most of us aren’t really confronted with trash. From our own houses we manage to keep it away and even in most of the major “western” cities it is hardly seen. Only because we can’t see it in front of our own eyes or living areas it doesn’t mean that it’s gone entirely. It is still somewhere, a lot of it in our oceans for example. Well, as I mentioned at the beginning, most of you probably know that anyway, what I’d like to show you today is a photography project that will maybe show you how much trash we actually produce and maybe one of the other will try to minimize it. I definitely started reconsidering my habits concerning consumption after seeing “#365 Unpacked” a photo series by Antoine Repessé .

He stopped throwing away his recyclable trash in 2011, four years later he turned his “collection”(over 70 cubic metres of trash) into a powerful photo series.

We’re often told about the quantity of waste we produce, but I think the impact of a picture can be more powerful than a ton of words,” says Repessé and in my opinion he is doing exactly that: Making an impact, inspiring people to change and maybe, in the long run, helping us and our planet to survive.

How do you feel about his project?








Photos: Antoine Repessé

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