„Complex Simplicity“

Rube Goldberg Green

Today we’ll present another photographer for all the fans of the complex, creative and extraordinary still life photography.

We want to introduce you to Jonathan Knowles, whose website is worth to be seen: http://jknowles.co.uk/overview . Ranging from commercials about liquids to motion images you can find almost everything there.

We’d like to show you his series “Complex Simplicity”. It was created in cooperation with artist Kyle Bean and art director Lauren Catten. Out of simple household items the team made very graphical looking action chains, thus imitating simple everyday-life scenarios. The photo series consists of five images in five different color worlds.

Over the past few years the British photographer has received numerous awards and today he belongs to the most popular and best photographers in the field of liquid photography. Famous companies such as Coca Cola, Guinness, Heineken and McDonalds rely on his talent and hire him for their campaigns.

Rube Goldberg BlueRube Goldberg BlueRube Goldberg BlueRube Goldberg Pink

Photo: Jonathan Knowles

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