Isn’t home (sometimes) just the nicest place to be?


I love and live life in the city. I like the chaos, the bustling, the buzz, the openness and the anonymity an urban environment offers. However, I can’t fully deny I’m a country girl. Because sometimes the sounds of the sirens just doesn’t remind me of fulfilling my childhood dream of living in a city (I became quite desperate for the city as soon as I heard that sound which seemed to have become some sort of voice-over in many American productions set in a metropolis). Sometimes I want to escape these sounds which all of a sudden had turned into unbearable noise.

Last week I felt that way. Impatiently I anticipated my free weekend to hop on the train right after work and get off at night again. No more heavy heat but a lot of water in the local railway underpasses as there’d been lots of heavy rainfalls. With the purring of my cat, which was already waiting for me on the terrace, and the many free spots on the soft green lawn at the swimming pool the vacation in the countryside even felt better than ever before.

I regained my strength during long walks in the rain. And the most beautiful thing was to be able to take pictures totally freely. And thus I managed to capture some little moments of the past few days. Apples covered with water drops were hanging in the big orchards, the long anticipated summer berries were finally growing in the garden and some little lucky charms were hiding between the needles of a mountain pine – what can I say, it was just beautiful! And aren’t the little things always the best things?

The SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 was a great companion on my strolls through the landscape and my discoveries of these small things. I don’t need to tell you again how much I love the bokeh it creates. Or its magnificent sharpness… or the wonderful light intensity.

I’ll show you here part of my photographic creations of my visit in the countryside so you can get a better idea of how good I felt there. I wish you all some nice remaining summer days and evenings where you can freely explore beautiful stuff with your camera, things the nearest environment which you know so very well offer to you.

All the best and see you soon!






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