Ja Soon Kim


It’s quite interesting what can have a calming effect on us. Whale songs, classical music, yoga, a hot cup of tea and pictures of flowers and leaves. Yes, the pictures of flowers and leaves taken by Ja soon Kim and nicely arranged eradiate something visually very soothing. Her compositions are very clear, meticulous and structured in detail. Kim is a yoga teacher and we can notice that she pays great attention to balance. The colors in her compositions change with the seasons and the selection of the leaves and flowers has something poetic. When I saw her work for the first time, I really spent more than five minutes feeling the effect of one single photo, admiring the diversity of nature, and I actually felt more relaxed every minute. Some time ago I even ordered one of her prints which I’m going to hang directly above my working space. I’m hoping that this calming effect will last and make me even forget about stressful days! 😉

I find Ja Soon Kim’s idea amazing. Her photos look so simple and yet you feel that every leaf and every blossom have been placed at that certain spot where they were on purpose by the artist. Even scrolling through her Instagram feed in a strange way makes me feel happy. I admire the calm aesthetics she creates in her images, and that’s why I really recommend you visiting her website and her Instagram profile.

In any case Ja Soon Kim belongs to the artists I admire for their ideas. With her style she clearly stands out and her pictures will get stuck in your minds. Isn’t it just what everyone wants to achieve with their art, right? 😉


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