The best astro-photographers

Every year the Royal Greenwich Observatory awards the best astronomical photographer of the year! More than 3,500 pictures from photographers all around the globe are submitted every year. Some days ago a first selection was published.

As the name tells us, astro-photography is a method in photography with which you can show stars, fog and other celestial bodies. This can happen in a chemical and electronic way with different media tools. With the possibilities of technology we can even project objects in our solar system which would normally be not intense enough to see with the naked eye. In contrast to our eyes, the photographs can collect the light during long exposure. This doesn’t only make planets, asteroids, comets and meteors but also other objects along our Milky Way visible.

From the Milky Way to the northern lights and the super moon the ninth remake of this award includes everything! From the pre-selection, which has already been published, the winners of 2017 will be announced on September 14.

The overall winner will receive a prize of 10,000 GBP. Moreover, prizes in different categories are awarded, which include “Our Sun”, “Our Moon”, “Planets, Comets and Asteroids”, “Galaxies”, “Aurora”, “Skyscrapers” or “Stars and Stardust”. Newcomers and young photographers can also win prizes!







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