An enchanted world of mountains

Hello everybody,

This month it’s me writing a guest article on fotogenerell. My name is Anna and photography is my big passion which, along with my expertise and experience, has increased in many aspects over the past few years during my studies.

In this article I’ll take you to an enchanted world of mountains which I recently happened to discover. I grew up in the mountains as they were directly in front of me, and as a child I used to hike on them to see the world from above. It was beautiful, however, the wide endlessness meant a lot more to me. For this reason I moved to a city some years ago whose surrounding hills may also be called mountains even though they aren’t (and I can tell for sure).

A couple of days ago I went to Eastern Tyrol. I’ve never been there. And that scenery enchanted me. Isolated mountain farms of dark wood perched into the heights and surrounded by towering mountains. I felt like in another world and I really enjoyed it a lot.

The photos I’ll show to you were taken during a trip to the Umbal Falls in the Virgen Valley. It was a murky day without any clear sight to the Großvenediger. I played tag in the mist crawling down the forests while I was climbing up. The winds blew the spume of the waterfall right into my face. That day was a very special escape from my everyday routine, full of lively moments and a feeling of finally breathing out again.

Part of my equipment was my adored SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM lens, which (I wouldn’t have assumed that) I didn’t have to swap once for a zoom lens on my tour. I just played with proximity and distance. When a subject was too far away or in no particular perspective I liked, I changed it by changing my own position. So I climbed on rocks or ran up the slopes that were still all wet from the rain. This opportunity, which you don’t have in any urban area, meant a great feeling of freedom. The thing I appreciate the most about this particular lens is the wonderful bokeh it creates with its open aperture and the brilliant level of sharpness it usually provides. The quality it offers has convinced me for quite some time.

But just take a look for yourselves at this special trip! I hope that this way I can give you a feeling of that day and that I can refresh your summer with the pictures! By the way, you can see more photos on my Instagram account on

I’m looking forward to your visit already!

All the best,










Fotos: Anna Geisler

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