Shortly before the storm


When it’s hot outside, I can hardly resist the temptation of renouncing my camera, of escaping the bustling city and riding my bike to the riverside to go for a swim. Relaxing summer afternoons with friends are the best thing…

So it’s even better to feel the cool air of an approaching storm after some unbearably hot days. The cloudy sky covers the blue color of the summer and the sun, thus functioning as a perfect soft box for background layouts. A day that is perfect to grab the camera and move on. And as the days at the river were so beautiful, I picked this location on this particular day as well. I quickly swapped my swimming bag for a camera bag with several lenses inside. For this excursion, however, I chose the SIGMA 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM, my darling made of glass, as you know.

The environment offered some fantastic motifs – water lilies, young swans enjoying a swim in little groups at the riverside, the endless scenery of water or little colorful flowers. By doing so, I could once again test the limits of my lens in a peaceful atmosphere. I tried different shots with different apertures. I also tested focusing the level of sharpness at certain spots and thus creating more individual photos.

For wide shots I decided for an aperture that was a bit more closed in order to create a large level of sharpness. With the quickly moving young birds I had to choose a short shutter speed in order to avoid motion blur. While doing this, I tried to play with the grasses growing by the riverside by using them as bokeh and image frames. The picture with the violet flowers, on the other hand, was taken with a wide-open aperture to make the background blurred and to put the focus on the vibrant color of the blossom in high resolution.

When it started to rain I had to hurry to get back home again soon, so I really had to pedal hard. That trip was relaxing and beautiful. And I really love playing around with my lenses because by doing so I get to know them much better and can handle them quickly and safely when I’ve got to be on point. So it does really pay off preferring the world outside to your apartment – even when it trains. Because all it takes is exercise! Enjoy!





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