“30 New and Emerging Photographers“

“PDN’s best 30“ probably sounds familiar to you. In 1999 already the Photo District News Magazine published its first “30 New and Emerging Photographers” list and thus started a new era in the photographic industry. Before that, young photographers barely had the chance to start a successful career or attract attention. They would usually work as newcomers and assistants for experienced photographers, practically doing a traineeship. The “PDN’s best 30” list, according to PDN editor Holly Hughes, has significantly helped to eventually overcome this system.

On the US American photographic market, the PDN list has an extremely high standard and is highly anticipated every year. Those who’ve made it on that list can expect a stellar career. And that’s exactly what PDN’s vision is about, to provide young and talented photographers chances for a successful career start.

Cool thing, I believe! And that’s why I’d like to show you the names of the recently published 2017 list HERE.

One of my favorites is Anastasiia Sapon, who immediately impressed me with her fresh way of creating portraits. Her candy colored backgrounds and the pastel elements in particular, which characterize her pictures, look great in my eyes. I’ll certainly use this idea one day.

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Is this how you photograph kids ?🤔

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The next one who immediately caught my eye is Ronan Donovan. Simply for the reason that he takes the most incredible photos of wolves I’ve ever seen. Wolves have always fascinated me and pictures that manage to capture the sovereignty and strength which these animals embody attract me in a magical way.

“In the midst of the Anthropocene, I strive to create visual stories that document the plight of our changing world.”

(Ronan Donovan)

Of course, it’s one of my greatest dreams to be on this list. Until then, however, I’m looking forward to seeing all the new faces that PDN is going to present us next year! 😉


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