Jack Fusco

As you could read in one of my previous articles, I’m a great fan of everything related to space. Planets, stars and galaxies – all this has been fascinating me ever since and it always will. Many of my favorite photographers (no big surprise) are those focusing on taking pictures of the nocturnal sky. One of them, whose photos keep fascinating me in particular, I’d like to present you today.

The American Jack Fusco is really traveling a big deal and mainly at night because he primarily takes pictures of the starry skies. For this he climbs on mountains, waits for hours in the cold and travels to the remotest places on Earth. Many of his works have already been published in renowned magazines and newspapers and his time lapse videos have become a hit on the World Wide Web. And deservedly so, because in my opinion his photos are incredibly amazing and compelling at first sight.

Recently he’s ventured a totally new and spectacular project. His goal was to capture the perfect starry sky above a lava stream entering the ocean. Can you imagine the colors created by this spectacle? Amazing!

The photos and the video, which Jack has published, truly surpassed the scenario I’d had in mind.  On his blog he reports that behind each spectacular photo there’s a great deal of work and improvisation. His colleagues and he have to use every moment because they keep working against time.

He writes that during the entire trip they barely had enough time to eat or sleep and that they were exposed to heavy rainfalls and permanently in fear for their equipment. Anyway, their adventures really paid off! Because the photographic material they brought home is breathtaking and now tours around the world.

Here you can find the time lapse video of their lava stream adventure.

By now the awarded photographer has become an official SIGMA representative and regularly offers some photographic tips. They include tips of how you best capture a meteor shower. Since this year I also intend taking my camera to the annual Perseid Meteor Shower I was really happy about these tips.


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