Zack Seckler makes you ready for summer and laugh out loud


By chance I happened to come across and got stuck with Zack Seckler . Seckler’s got humor, a lot of humor. You can notice this at first sight. And he’s got an extraordinary image style. His photos express something bizarre, something fantastic. And the colors are creamy like ice cream.

What I find particularly fascinating is the category “Aerial Abstracts” in the portfolio on his website. With the emerging warm sunbeams our wanderlust increases and on rainy days like now I dream about summer and foreign countries. Seckler’s series and his pictures that were taken from above make our mental games about sitting by the sea even more real. Blue waves, shining sandbanks, green waves, animals walking across the sand and far areas. The soft colors increase your desire to dive into the world of the photos. You simply want to get carried away by them…

The animals of which Seckler took pictures are always placed before a strongly edited background. Blue lines can be seen as well as a gray cloudy sky, a black threatening sky before a thunderstorm and colorful parrots shown in a fictitious world of plants. Everything’s a bit overdone, the tight extractions, the sparkling clear eyes and the atmosphere of colors. To me the photos look so inspiring because I simply can’t take the subjects shown in such humorous ways very seriously.

The easy and complacent way of writing in the “about” section of his website also proves to me that Zack Seckler is a funny guy. It contains six aspects where, for instance, he writes that it’s worth mentioning that your own mom is your number one fan, that instead of starting his photographic career with a Brownie camera in a very early age he rather preferred eating brownies, and a lot more.



In the third item on his list he mentions the following: “Mention all your awards and press. But don’t sound big-headed. In fact, maybe just list them at the bottom. But if you do a list, make it as long as possible.“  And even though you can also feel sarcasm here, in the end he publishes a big list of awards and selected partners. Both lists clearly show that Seckler, who doesn’t take everything so seriously, works very focused and does a very good job. To mention only a few, he has collaborated with Apple, Gap, Google, GQ, Harper’s BAZAAR, LG, Marie Claire, New York Magazine and many others.

Zack Seckler – a cool guy whose photos, once you’ve discovered them, are hard to forget. His style – full of recognition values, which is an achievement with all of the same you get on Instagram.

Enjoy discovering!








Photos: Zack Seckler

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