All is colorful


For a couple of years now I’ve been living in the city. And it’s always a great surprise for me when from one day to another spring expels winter. A day earlier everything was still completely gray – the houses, the streets, the sky, and the clothes of the people who rush to make their errands in order to get back into their warm and cozy apartments again. And on the next morning the sun is shining, wearing your winter coat another day isn’t an option any longer and like a fairytale colorful flourishing bushes and trees shine through the window, encouraging us even more to take your jeans jacket and sun glasses out of your closet.

Do you still remember my last walk through one of the urban parks I recently wrote about? Then I was looking for spring and discovered its first subtle and hidden traces. Two weeks later it doesn’t even make an effort to hide. The parks are even more frequented than a couple of days ago. The people relax on benches – taking a break on their way back home, enjoying the afternoon sun. Some read a book or the newspaper, others keep observing the colorful and lively atmosphere. Dogs and their owners stroll along the pathways, children play ball and retired people enjoy the ease of the first day in the warm season chatting.

And I – I was on my walk for you, of course with my camera and once again – so you have a good comparison to last time, with the SIGMA Art 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM lens. Using an open aperture was almost a pity this time. But I’ll close my aperture widely only very rarely. The pictures of my photo walk this week were therefore taken with an aperture of 2.8 to 3.5. So you will see more this time in the blurred background – especially more colorful dots of blossoms. Nothing’s left of the emptiness of a few weeks ago…

What’s nicer than going out on days like this one and rediscovering the city awakening from its winter sleep? When everything feels very fresh and new and when the people change their winter’s depression for some sunny laughter? When in the breaks between walking and shooting you can enjoy your first spritz or juice outside? I hope I could motivate you with my photos to go outside. And – don’t forget: ENJOY LIFE…

All the best and see you next time!











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