David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu, born in the Tyrol, Austria, in 1998, is called a child prodigy in photography. At the age of 18 he already collaborated with Adobe and Instagram, presented his work in New York and was finally discovered by Vogue Italia.


It’s his particular style to combine strong and brilliant colors in wonderful intense tones and special backgrounds given by nature with the fragility of often naked and imperfect bodies. His models symbolize vulnerability and human strength at the same time, arousing different emotions when you look at them. When you look at his photos you get drawn into an apparently surreal world he’s produced and you get carried away by the somber scenes he’s created in his photos.



When he began to focus more and more on photography, he took pictures of himself, as in the beginning he didn’t dare to hire models for his photos. The image below was created for the 25th Anniversary of Adobe Photoshop in 2015. He still keeps posing for impressive self-portraits.




He got in touch with photography when he started to play on his mom’s compact camera on a holiday. He taught himself everything he creates today. Currently he’s living in Brussels and on his Instagram page he calls himself “Image maker”. He’s landed his probably greatest coup only recently, when he was asked to shoot an advertisement campaign for Nike with FKA Twigs as a model .

According to his own interview statements, he truly appreciates the privilege of getting such big offers as a young photographer and of enjoying the confidence of his clients. For David it’s always exciting to merge his own ideas with those of his clients and to realize them in the end.





All photos: David Uzochukwu

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