Market release of the SIGMA sd Quattro H


Once again SIGMA is causing a furor at present – as the company has just announced, the new SIGMA sd Quattro H  will be available on the market as of January 2017 – in combination with a thorough software update of their home-made programs SIGMA Photo Pro 6.5 and SIGMA Capture Pro 1.3.

The camera appears to be extremely promising as it’s equipped with the newly developed Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor running in an APS-H format.  Its size is 26.6×17.9 millimeters. The new Quattro is a mirrorless device requiring the use of interchangeable lenses. However, this turns out to be a clear advantage for this camera since you won’t be restricted because it’s compatible with all lenses of SIGMA’s own product lines, the Contemporary, Sports and Art series.


Beyond that SIGMA promises an extremely fast and exact processing of large data volumes with the image editing processor Dual TRUE III which had been developed especially for this sensor and which goes into action even twice as much with the camera. Other specials are, for instance, the Super Fine Detail exposure mode and the combination of two AF methods. The SFD exposure mode, called SFD in short, creates different exposures with which you get a wide dynamic range when editing in post-production. The AF methods include, among other things, the Phase detection AF and the Contrast detection AF, whereas the first one is an advantage for the speed of the lens and the latter convinces in terms of contrast precision.

 Regarding its design, the rising star among the sd Quattros convinces just like the previous devices with its unusual and particular shape and its intuitive user interface. Just as elaborate as the design of the camera is what the camera body offers.  It’s a robust construction made of a magnesium alloy and moreover it’s dust and splash-proof.

 But as we all know good quality has its price. Those who’d like to own the SIGMA sd Quattro H camera will have to pay about 1,399 € according to the recommended retail price.


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