APOY 2016 – Penny Halsall is the winner


Photo by: Stuart Stevenson

I’m a big fan of all kinds of photo awards and competitions and I’m always looking forward to the moment they announce the winner. There is more than one reason for my enthusiasm, but one of the main reasons is definitely, that thanks to these awards and competitions I keep discovering inspiring photo artists.

A couple of days ago, the winner of the “Amateur photographer of the year award 2016” (APOY) was announced. This competition, which is sponsored by SIGMA Imaging UK, has eight monthly rounds, from March till October. The APOY competition took place for the 19th time this year and it all started with the decision of the Amateur Photographer Magazine to showcase all the amazing photographs they received by their readers.

To win this contest you have to proof your photographic talent in eight different categories. A jury awards each image with points based on the extent of creativity, technical excellence and how well the image fulfils the guidelines. The person with the most total points at the end of the 8th round wins the APOY Award.

There are winners selected at the end of each round as well. Those first-placed entrants of each round are given prices sponsored by SIGMA. This years’ price for round four (Scary Monsters: Wildlife & Pets) for example, was a SIGMA 150-600mm f/5-6,3, which I would have loved to win myself! 😉


Photo by: Csilla Szucs

The APOY 2016 winner is Penny Halsall. In an interview after her victory, she stated that not all categories where easy for her. Especially those rounds where she couldn’t plan her images, like “Street photography” and “Wildlife” were hard for her.

That is exactly what I like about this contest; it challenges the participants, because they have to be extremely versatile and brilliant in every single category. As everybody who is into photography knows, there is a huge difference whether you shoot landscapes, portraits or something that simply won’t stand still and can’t be planned. One has to move out of his or her “photography comfort zone” and go for motifs that usually aren’t among ones favorites.

I think the concept of this competition is great and I am already thinking about maybe entering it next year. The APOY 2017 will be starting in March.

The categories for 2016 were:

  1. Sense of Doubt (Abstract images)
  2. Width of a Circle (Creative wide-angle)
  3. Soul Love (portraiture)
  4. Scary Monsters (Wildlife at Home and Abroad)
  5. Little Wonder (Macro insects/plants/flowers)
  6. A Small Plot of Land (Landscapes / Cityscapes)
  7. Big Brother (Street photography)
  8. Blackout (Black & White)


Photo by: Penny Halsall


Photo by: Penny Halsall

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