Escaping the city

Trees are losing their last remaining leaves, autumn covers the city in a mist of grey and a cold wind is blowing through the streets. Winter is coming… and to provide my eyes and my lens with some change of impressions, I decided to drive to the countryside for a couple of days.
Packed with my camera and my SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 I wandered through vineyards and indulged in the amazing scenery. From a photographic point of view, nature has a lot to offer this time of the year. The naked trees, the last remaining bits of green in the meadows, all the ravens and crows, the cute little houses…so many great motifs.

I especially enjoyed my visit to a small farm, which was alive with animals. There were cats hiding in the hay, occasionally chased by a small, cheeky dog and in the stables, the sheep was another perfect motif.


Once more I was impressed by this lens of the SIGMA contemporary series, which excels, above all, with its versatility and compactness. The SIGMA 17-50mm f/2.8 and its efficient aperture deliver amazing photos, even in gloomy light conditions. (For example within the stables)
Due to the great choice of focal lengths, I was able to shoot a wide array of different photos, starting from close-ups to larger sceneries.

This contemporary lens is my all-time favorite all-rounder, which up until now never failed me. No matter if I wanted to shoot landscapes, portraits or architecture. The best thing about it; it doesn’t weigh much and is easily carried around for a while, but still produces high-quality photo results.





  1. Winter is coming! Have you been watching Game of Thrones?

    Great shots by the way. 🙂


    1. Haha, yes we did! 😀 We are huge fans! 😉 Thank you!!


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