Rainy autumn days


It’s autumn. And it’s rainy. I like the fresh and cool air. And although I enjoy walking outside in the sun and prefer my warm and cozy apartment when the weather isn’t so nice, I often pull myself together and jump out of my house.

With my camera bag and a big umbrella I love strolling along the streets that are covered with foliage while I collect chestnuts, admire the colorful leaves and listen to the falling raindrops. The city is becoming grayer and grayer, the sky, the houses and the streets, even the people wearing dark clothes reflect grayness.

Today I’m equipped with a SIGMA 35mm f/1.4, a lens I love very much, to capture special moments and minor details on my walk. Since I’m a fan of a deep depth of field I take my pictures with a wide-open aperture which turns out excellent with this particular lens even on my APS-C camera, giving the pictures a nice touch with fantastic bokeh. Even though I don’t want to take pictures with a lot detail, I often keep using an aperture of 1.4 with this lens as it guarantees amazingly sharp pictures.

And once you’ve made it back into your warm place, there’s nothing better than sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea while reviewing your latest pictures.

I wish you all very nice autumn days, enjoy them and you will see – it really pays off overcoming your hesitations and venturing out in warm clothes to observe the change of the seasons.












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