Contrast Syria

When we think of Syria as a country, images of destruction, suffering and death come to our minds.

At his exhibition “Contrast Syria”, Syrian photographer Mohamad Al Roumi now shows his motherland from another perspective. The exhibition, which can be visited in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum from June 29 to October 9, shows the ordinary lives of farmers and nomads during the 1980s and 1990s. The peaceful times in a war-torn country are displayed. By doing so, the photographer gives us a different impression of his home country. He shows us the beauty but also the ugly faces of everyday life. Syria is home to people of diverse ethnic and religious origins. The photographer tries to demonstrate what life in Syria really looks like.


Photographer Mohamad Al Roumi was born in Syria in 1945 and started his career as a painter. Soon, however, he began working as a photographer and now enjoys great success. Besides numerous exhibitions his photos are published in many books and articles worldwide. He considers himself to be a reporter rather than an artist. In his images he tries to convey certain moods he specifically keeps searching for. Quite openly he talks about the current situation in Syria as well. In case one or the other of you has become interested in this guy and his work, I warmly recommend you an interview he gave to Monopol magazine.




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