Experiences with the Sigma 18-250mm F3, 5-6, 3 DC Macro OS HSM

Without a zoom lens it is difficult to capture all of the amazing things on a journey. If you do not want to switch from one lens to another you got to get a lens which offers a wide range of opportunities. I did not have such an all-rounder, so I figures I needed to get one. So I went for the 18-250mm F3, 5-6, 3 DC Macro OS HSM from Sigma and searched for motifs. The glass is pretty nice, because you can capture buildings from far away as well as things, which are close or even take some macro photographs.

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The Macro is not difficult to handle and can be taken anywhere you want pretty easily, which makes it a great option for outdoor pictures. The close up limit of 35cm makes a big magnification (1:2, 9) accessible. Another great feature is the fact that the OS can compensates up to 4 steps of aperture so it is easier to take pictures free hand. With this opportunity every macro is sharp and does not get blurred. As you can see on the added photographs great free handed pictures can be taken this way.

This advantage is also great for sport photography where the lens sets an effective correction to the moving picture. Also motifs from far away can be picked up close. This way amazing pictures of rare animals or spontaneous pictures of difficult and hard to catch objects can be made. Also the construction of the lens leaks of nothing. The massive brass bayonet lasts long and is not too heavy to carry it around all day long.

Conclusion: The universal lens is a great option for spontaneous Photographers, who do not let go of any chance to take a good picture. Because of the handy size and the light weight this lens fits into every backpack – let´s go into the wild!

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