SIGMA NEWS: When will the wait be over? – SIGMA 85mm Art lens

The SIGMA 85 1.4 Art lens is probably the most anticipated and desired lens created by this manufacturer.  As perhaps all of us know, the SIGMA ART series hasa very good reputation. The Art 35 and 50 are excellent high-quality lenses which have often been awarded and are in demand worldwide. Of course we all hope that the 85mm Art will continue the success of the previous two lenses!

In 2015 rumors surfaced already about this lens coming onto the market. We all regret that these speculations haven’t turned out to be true.  This year there’ve been some rumors and speculations on the release date as well. The website mentioned a release of the lens this August while refers to a tweet that claims the lens has been produced and is most likely to be announced at the Photokina in September this year.

Unfortunately, no official statements have been given on this so far. I can only say that for quite some time I’ve been looking forward to the release and I can hardly wait to test the 85mm 1.4!

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