A Beginner’s Experience with the Sigma DP2 Quattro

Most recently, I have decided to take a closer look at compact cameras, so that I can take high quality images while traveling and for everyday use.

The Sigma DP2 Quattro is a great camera for beginners, as it is suitable for both portrait and for nature photography as well as for close-ups.
I just grabbed this model and took it with me whenever I went out. The images can easily keep up with those taken with a DSLR camera. When it’s getting darker outside and you still want to take sharp pictures you may take flashlight accessories with you, just to be on the safe side.
When looking at the pictures on your computer screen afterwards, you can see how sharp they actually are and that they do have nice bokeh. Due to the Foveon sensor the motifs appear in their best colors and the many filters you can add through the menu of the DP cameras allow much freedom for experimental photographers.


Object- and nature photography aren’t a problem for this little all-rounder, either. The compact camera with the fixed focal length of 30mm can be carried around easily wherever you want. You can perfectly shoot a lot of different subjects with a standard focal length. The adjusted shape of the camera is really well suited for your hand, so you won’t have any problem holding it in one hand. The DP2 is the lightest camera in the DP series and fits into every bag. In addition to that, it offers high quality pictures that can keep up with an APSC camera, which makes it a good alternative to a DSLR camera. The camera casing is alloyed with magnesium so it’s well protected against scratches and can be taken outside without a second thought.

The operation system was quite a challenge for me in the beginning, but after reading the instruction manual everything was easy to handle. The Menu is very understandable and logical, as you can easily adjust the ISO settings and file formats.

Conclusion: The little compact camera with the 30mm fixed focal length provides great results and is awesome for portrait photography even when used on a daily basis. The high resolution and the easy operational modes make the DP2 Quattro a top choice for beginners or for additional usage.







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