Learning photography on YouTube? Benjamin Jaworskyj

Over the last couple of years I’ve often heard the name Benjamin Jaworskyj in connection with photography. Last week I had the chance to listen to one of his lectures at the Photo Festival in Zingst.

He’s a German photographer working in Berlin. In 2008 he started giving online video tutorials. His YouTube channel is called “jaworskyjpictures” – just in case you’d like to check it out yourself! 😉

He explains things in a very simple and easily understandable way, covering the basics in photography as well as topics for advanced photographers.  Moreover he answers questions newcomers in photography surely often have and he gives some tips on image editing. In 2013 his channel turned out to be the biggest german photography channel on YouTube. Of course he soon began to organize workshops and by now he’s even published two books. They’re called “Fotos nach Rezept” & “Fotos nach Rezept 2”.
His special field  is mainly landscape photography, however he’s also very skilled at portrait photography. But have a look for yourselves, his website and his YouTube channel will tell you more about his portfolio and his tips & tricks!


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