Photo series: Removed

This photo series by Eric Pickersgil shows how close and at the same time how distanced from each other people actually are nowadays!

He’s doing that by omiting the reason for this tragedy.
In his pictures he shows many different kinds of people, young ones and old ones, all of them seem to be distracted and lost in thoughts.
But in his pictures he simply omits the actual reason for their distraction, the smartphone. I think that this lack of technology makes the images look even more repelling and more bizarre.
Pickersgill simulates everyday life situations that happen daily without people taking any notice, and by doing this he makes a lot of things visible.

Children sitting next to each other without talking and moving, or couples that don’t look at each other and keep staring into a void.
These pictures really set  you thinking! Is this the digital revolution? On his website  Eric Pickersgill writes, “This has never happened before and I doubt we have scratched the surface of the social impact of this new experience.






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