Hey guys,

Today I’d like to present to you a wonderfully stylish, english online magazine that was initiated in 2007 in Berlin and that I can’t get enough of: It’s called iGNANT. It offers a variety of special inspiration and a lot of space for dreaming. It covers diverse subjects: design, fashion, architecture, art and photography of course.

iGNANT introduces new and special talents and creative minds, and there are brief explanations and texts to the various works. On the page you can also find reviews about studio visits and travel reports in the sections “Places” or “On the Road”, which always triggers my wanderlust. Speaking for myself, I start raving with all the wonderful colors that can be seen in each picture presented on iGNANT.

Of all the previous articles I particularly liked the one about an Italian photographer called Gabriele Rossi, whose inspiring texts add to the impressive selection of architecture and landscape photos and portraits. The pictures radiate static calmness, they simply carry your thoughts away.



Another article ,I loved can be found in the section “Fashion”.
It’s called “A Fashion Editorial Portraying A Vague Vision Of Shanghai“. It offers a mixture of black and white as well as color pictures, portraits, luxury fashion, landscapes, shadow and light. Every single picture radiates an incredible coolness and the colors are – well, I guess you can image – simply wonderful.

British photographer Jack Davison specializes on fashion and documentary photography, which makes his pictures very exciting and special. And compared to those by Rossi the photos by Davison are full of dynamics.



But…take a look for yourselves! You can find the magazine on the following link:


Have a lot of fun dreaming and exploring, and never forget – YOU CAN DO IT!

All the best,


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