Every two years the perhaps most exciting event for technology lovers of photography takes place. Now in 2016 it’s happening again and Photokina in Cologne is about to start. There the digital progress of various different manufacturers is presented and the newest trends are announced.
The Sigma Art series has already brought about widely popular lenses, specifically the 35mm and 50mm versions, and the highly demanded 85mm/1.4 lens will most probably join the club. Likewise, the 2,8/24-70mm as an Art lens and the 2,8/70-20mm lens with sport optics are wished for. Both amateurs and professional photographers are attracted by the high value for money and the expansion of the product range will further enable the creation of superb low light shots. It is, however, not yet clear if there will also be a 28mm/2.8 lens, as it’s being discussed in some of the forums. With the 19/2.9, 30/2.9 and 60/2.8 similar lenses already exist rendering a 28mm lens somewhat unnecessary. But we will see. As a lover of Sigma I’m already very curious and I’m looking forward to the new brilliant lenses with a thrill of excitement. The creative liberties in dynamic lighting of the image are what makes the Art series so special and therefore it will certainly keep on inspiring photographers keen on trying out new things.

Posted by Beatrice

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