Springtime Macro Photography with Sigma 105mm/2.8 + Canon 70D

Taking along my Canon 70D and my beloved 105mm Art DG HSM Macro lens I went out into the green countryside to enjoy the nice weather outside. Up to now I have mainly captured impressions of food and details of the interior, but with the spring sun coming out I got inspired and motivated to closely explore the wonders of nature as well. With my camera backpack, a tripod and some SD cards I went outside.

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I made the first discoveries on a blue hill where thousands of small blue flowers stood out of the rich green. So as not to only capture a single flower, I used a higher focal ratio (Sek 1/160, f 6.3) which highlighted the mysterious blue of the flower with relatively dark pictures. I had great fun playing around with the focus and the depth of field in order to playfully blend in the foreground with the background. The vibrant green of the leaves and the buds guaranteed for great colours. I achieved exciting intertwining of greyish-brown branches with rose and green shades. My trip continued along streams and meadows to a new eye-catcher: I spotted a few cherry and apple blossoms. In combination with the setting sun there was an amazing light situation, which I could creatively use thanks to the maximum aperture. The contre-jour created unexpected forms as a frame around the focused pictures.

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