More bird photos and a couple of macro shots (150-600mm C)

With over 20 degrees on Monday, to me, it didn’t feel like winter at all. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take some great bird shots, so I took my SD1 Merrill and the 150-600mm C on a photo session.

After hours of making use of the heavy equipment, my hair and my undershirt were completely sweaty, but since it was calm outside, I thought nothing of it. Coming home, I felt great, but later on in the evening, I got the paycheck: chills, fever and a mean cough.

Ironically I didn’t catch a cold when it was minus 15 degrees Celsius outside in December.

So I spend the last few days in bed and on my couch. I totally forgot, how much fun it can be, to do absolutely nothing …or at least nothing exhausting ;). To snuggle in my warm, cozy blanket, drinking tea, watching TV and surfing the internet – total recreation!

I almost felt like on vacation …almost. While being sick and staying at home, I had enough time to follow the Sigma reports on the latest cameras and lenses, which sigma announced yesterday. I also watched some helpful GIMP- tutorials on YouTube and I had plenty of time to edit the photos, I took on Monday.



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