Rob Spence aka „Eyeborg“: the man who replaced his eyeball with a camera


Rob Spence aka the „Eyeborg“ is a filmmaker from Toronto, who lost vision in one of his eyes at the age of nine. In 2011 Spence had his right eyeball removed and replaced with a prosthesis with an integrated camera – 26 years after he lost his sight in the said eye in an accident while shooting with a shotgun. Unlike Retina implants this camera is not connected to the optic nerv, but instead transmits the video stream to a small, external computer.


© Rob Spence


© Rob Spence

This disturbing looking camera (check out the video at the bottom) has been improved in the meantime and now looks like an ordinary ocular prosthesis. Inside there are still a sensor and a transceiver at work. Like many “real” cameras this one also struggles with overheating, which is why it can only record videos up to a length of 3 minutes.


© Rob Spence

The following picture is from an episode of the new television series on Showtime called “Dark Net”. It was captured with Spence’s camera and shows his wife and dog.


Spence and his team of developers are currently working on ways to optimize the camera’s heat dissipation and power usage. The ambitious goal of being able to record for hours at a time is supposed to be reached this year.

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