The condemned live longer: according to Instant Film is the best-selling photo product this holiday season


Photographic film has been pronounced dead many a time in the past. A small and faithful following, however, still uses the chemical process and advocates for its preservation. The latest announcement by indicates that film fans are more numerous than previously assumed. According to Amazon the best-selling photo product this holiday season, in the category „Camera, Photo & Video“, was neither a digital camera, nor a lens or an accessory, but photographic film instead: namely the “twin pack” variant of Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film.


For those who are not familiar with analog photography, Instax Mini is a credit-card-sized instant film (including picture frame: 54 x 86 mm; actual image size: 46 x 62 mm), which is sold as a cartridge containing 10 shots. The said “twin pack” consists of two such cartridges. Those 20 shots will set you back at least €15 in this part of the world. With a price of 75 cents per shot instant film is quite an expensive way of capturing photos. 😉

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