More GIFs by Romain Laurent


French photographer Romain Laurent is known for his, sometimes even literally, odd and humorous pictures. His unconventional and unmistakable style is the reason why I’ve been following his photographic career and why I’ve been blogging about him and his interesting projects for a couple of years.

It was his skewed full-body portraits that caught my eye back in September 2009. Almost a year ago I came across his website again and there I discovered his humorously and excellently created GIFs, which immediately inspired me and made me smile. Only after a short research I began to realize that there’s actually a term for such content representing a mix of photos and video footage.

Cinemagraphs is what these animated images are called, and it looks like Laurent has great fun creating them. Since my last visit to his website the busy French artist has uploaded many more GIFs. I’ve added a handful of them below. 🙂

© Romain Laurent

© Romain Laurent

You can find more of Laurent’s cinemagraphs on his website. If you have an older computer which can’t process so many GIFs at once, you should try his Giphy page. There the GIFs are neither shown all at once nor does the animation run automatically.

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