Wife claims that her husband’s obsession with photography was reason for divorce


Day by day many people are getting divorced, but not every divorce case is as curious and as interesting for us photographers as a case that has recently been brought to the District Court in Taipei. As reported on bokeh.digitalrev.com, the marriage supposedly broke up because the husband, Mr. Cai, is claimed to have been obsessed with photography. In court his wife, Mrs. Chien, testified that supposedly he didn’t show any consideration towards others and that while hunting for the best shot he often harassed and embarrassed friends and family members. When, for example, their son was supposed to be vaccinated, he’s claimed to have asked the doctor to give the baby another injection so he could capture the moment he missed at the first time. Once, when the baby’s crying woke them up at two o’clock in the morning, Cai was allegedly considering preparing his tripod, fixing his camera and taking pictures instead of calming the baby. This behavior is supposed to have caused a severe dispute between the newlyweds which lasted until dawn.

And what’s the lesson of the story? As a photographer you shouldn’t only know when, where and how you should take pictures but also when you should put your camera away. 😉

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