Sigma News and Rumors: inside stories of development and first tests of the DP0 Quattro have been published


Never has Sigma published so many sample images and so much informative material at the launch of a new camera as they have now for the launch of the DP0 Quattro. All three reports (slash/New York, slash/Nostalgic Japan, slash/Structure) have already been published on the website of Sigma Japan. As is the standard nowadays, all sample images are available for download in full resolution.

Furthermore, a few days ago the article „Inside Stories of Development“ was published, which allows a glimpse behind the curtain of the development of the camera and the unusual lens. It is interesting to know that the DP0 was originally planned as a fourth Merrill model, but that the project was ultimately abandoned. According to the article, the time was not yet deemed right for such a camera. The project was only picked up again after the DP2Q had been announced.


Reading the afore-mentioned article, one can hardly escape getting the impression that all involved are rather proud of the 14mm f/4 fixed lens. A view at the ambitious optical construction also explains why: the designers went to great lengths to correct imaging errors like distortion and CAs without compromising edge sharpness. Featuring eleven lenses, almost three quarters of which are made of a special glass, it is, to my knowledge, Sigma’s most complex fixed wide angle lens ever.


I am not a wide angle fan, however, I am still delighted that the DP0Q’s imaging performance achieved such good results in the tests published so far.

Maybe the lens designers will be encouraged to experiment and take risks even more often. 🙂

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