“scene-framing” photos of locations of popular movies and series


I remember having seen, many years ago, a photo in an edition of National Geographic which was without doubt the analogue version of what young people today call “scene-framing”. Any exact details have, unfortunately, long faded away into oblivion. I only know that it was of a photographer who found the exact spot where, long before him, another photographer had stood and taken a photo for a postcard. The younger photographer was holding up one of these postcards in a way for it to seamlessly blend into the landscape and took a picture with a wide-angle lens. In the picture one could see the landscape, the postcard, and the arm of the photographer. I remember thinking that this was a very clever idea.

Since there are more people in this world nowadays who own a “smart device” than people buying and sending postcards, today scene-framing is done with a smart phone or a tablet. Digital technology brings a lot of advantages to the table. One of them is the possibility of not only being able to include postcards, but also lots of other content – like scenes from series and movies – to the landscapes. A team of photographers who impressed me very much with their scene-framing shots are the four young women running the website As fans of a number of series and movies, they visit locations and add well-known scenes to the landscapes with the help of a tablet. This is what that looks like:

The Walking Dead

Image source:


Breaking Bad



Game of Thrones
fangirl-quest-5Forrest Gump

 Image source:

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