Real or photoshopped? :-)


Like many other bloggers I did not even realize that Adobe – in celebration of the 25th birthday of Photoshop – has already published a rather amusing “Real or Photoshop” test on their website. At first glance, the challenge seems rather easy: there are 25 pictures and one has to guess whether they are authentic photos or manipulations created in Photoshop. However, as Adobe admits on their landing page, some pictures are so incredible that it is very hard to tell whether they are real or fake without resorting to pixel-peeping. The following “rooftopping” photo is a good example. What do you think – “Real or Photoshop”? 🙂


I tried the test myself and was wrong five times. And there I was thinking I was good at distinguishing “real” shots from photo-manips! 😦 Anyway, a score of 80% is not bad either.


Can anyone of you achieve an even better score? 🙂

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