Sigma News and Rumors: many 24 mm f1.4 Art and DP3 Quattro Samples


MTF-graphs and product pictures are certainly interesting, however, the only thing that really matters for us photographers are the photos! 😉 Luckily enough we were not kept in suspense for too long, as the first samples could be inspected only a few days after the announcement. Apart from dpreview, four more websites have published 24mm f/1.4 shots. A good place to go for irredeemable pixel-peepers is the French review website Focus Numerique, where RAWs can be downloaded. Unfortunately, these files come from a Canon 6D, and its 20 MP sensor does not exactly require a lot from the lenses. D-pixx and LensTip have published JPGs in full resolution, however, these were taken with the 5D MkIII, which also has a rather low resolution sensor. LensTip has also already tested the lens. According to the test results, the 24/1.4 Art is better than the alternatives by CaNikon, but not as good as the 35/1.4 Art and the 50/1.4 Art. Yodobashi offers the most harmonious and beautiful samples, as they often do, but, because of their low resolution, these pictures are only useful for assessing the Bokeh.


Example photos of the DP3 Quattro can be found at Yaotomi (1, 2, 3), Camera Itmedia und Yodobashi. However, only the second page offers full-resolution downloads of the samples.

Last but not least, I would like to point you towards the exceedingly interesting interview by dpreview with Kazuto Yamaki, owner and CEO of Sigma. 🙂

  1. […] I talked about the first DP3 Quattro sample photos two weeks ago, more buyers have received their DP3Qs. Currently, there are 153 photos in the DP3 […]


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