The Light Inside: fruit and vegetables illuminated from the inside


Supposedly everything began with a word game during which the word “Glühbirne” (German for light bulb) was uttered. When he heard the word and translated the literal meaning into Romanian, photographer Radu Zaciu was inspired to create a “glowing pear”. He cut out the core of the fruit and illuminated it from the inside using an energy saving bulb.


© Radu Zaciu

Delighted with this first result, he decided to photograph different pieces of fruit and vegetables in the same way.

Strawberry Pineapple Christmas-Melon Cauliflower Cabbage-green

© Radu Zaciu

Hard and slim subjects – like cauliflower and endive – are not so easily cored with a kitchen knife. With these and similar subjects, he uses a standard drill. By the way – his equipment is neither expensive nor hard to find. It’s the idea that matters. 😉

Making-Of-1-EquipmentMaking-Of-2-Drill Making-Of-5-Endive-Flash Making-Of-3-DrillMaking-Of-7-Cauliflower

© Radu Zaciu

The trick is not to remove more pulp than necessary. After all, you don’t want the subjects to emit a white glow, but to achieve colored light.

You can find more photos in Radu’s The Light Inside Album on Flickr. His animal und bird photos are worth checking out as well.

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