Tip: Nicky Bay’s Shots of Singpore’s Most Unusual Macro Motifs


As you know, beside four-legged friends also six and eight legged critters rank among my favorite motifs. Unfortunately, I’m naturally too fidgety and impatient to go stalking with a tripod, macro-flashes and diffusors. For that reason, I take pictures mostly from the hip, which isn’t the best way to get sharp images. From time to time I succeed in shooting a workable picture, however none of them are nearly as good as Nicky Bay’s macro shots.

nicky-6 © Nicky Bay

nicky-8nicky-4 nicky-3 nicky-2 nicky-1

© Nicky Bay

Apart from the usual little critters – if you can call these exotic insects and arachnids from the rainforest like that at all – Nicky Bay, living in Singapore, also takes pictures of bioluminescent species like these mushrooms.

nicky-9© Nicky Bay

His UV-macros are not any less interesting, which he takes by shining the motives with a UV-flashlight.

15895379191_a516e5ebc6_z 15359774031_bfc59eb93e_o 13382853635_ac0602f62b_z 12001843766_f2fecc67c7_z© Nicky Bay

You often hear or read that the equipment is not so important. Well, here you can see Nicky Bay’s modest macro setup.


Some of his best images of the preceding year can be found here.

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