For the jewellery-loving Photographers: Rings and Wristbands made of Camera and Lens Parts


I don’t know whether it’s due to Smartphone cameras, popular social networks like Instagram or the retro trend, but over the last several years photography seems to have gained much popularity. In the past, probably due to lack of social interaction, it wasn’t a particularly trendy hobby. You couldn’t share your photos with others as easily as you can do now and much less discuss about gear, composition and post processing with hundreds of people on forums. In the past photographers were thought to be loners and oddball types, who spend far too much time in the darkroom. 😉 Recently photography is considered cool and naturally many, who practise it as a hobby, want to make themselves recognized as photographers.

Proof that this demand has already been recognized by manufacturers, are products and accessories whose sole purpose it to let the world know that you are interested in photography. Like for example these colourful skins by PimpYourCamera, LensMug coffee mugs and the toilet paper holder called Polaroll. Unfortunately most of these products and accessories are playful attention magnets, which can far too easily be interpreted as desperate attention seeking. But even for those who want to make themselves recognized as photographers in a more subtle way, there is something suitable on the market.

I for one would never by colourful “skins” for my cameras, but I do find the rings and wristbands shown below very interesting. These are all made out of cannibalized cameras and lenses by the manufacturer CameraBands.

il_fullxfull.697055321_fw6y © CameraBands

il_fullxfull.699710756_nx5w il_fullxfull.699834369_sbec il_fullxfull.699835633_kn81 il_fullxfull.701276208_r8d0-1 il_fullxfull.701277068_mxe7 il_fullxfull.701278730_3yb0

© CameraBands

You can find additional info in this article by PetaPixel and over at MadeBySDPNT.

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