Tip: Romain Laurent’s animated portraits


It’s been a few years since I last wrote about French photographer Romain Laurent, who does skewed full-body portraits. When I recently stumbled across his website again, I was happy to see that he has stayed true to himself and still takes humorous photos. Out of all the image series he has photographed since 2009, I especially enjoy his animated portraits, which he calls “Loop Portraits”. Like his countryman Julien Douvier Laurent combines several images into a GIF, a so-called cinemagraph. However, apart from the production method their photos don’t have much in common. While Douvier captures ostensibly insignificant movements perfectly and in an artistically very appealing way, Laurent views himself as more of a comic who wants his portraits to entertain the viewers and make them smile.


© Romain Laurent
19 23 26 26-1 29 32

© Romain Laurent

You can view more animated portraits on Romain Laurent’s website. If you want to view even more animated images, you can also visit Douvier’s website.


4 thoughts on “Tip: Romain Laurent’s animated portraits

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