Vemödalen – The Frustration That Every Photo has Already Been Taken by Someone Else


I have to admit that I have learned about the term vemödalen just today – the inofficial labeling for a special form of frustration, based upon the knowledge that every photo has already been shot by someone else. The operators of the website The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows have produced the following video to illustrate the term.

The term may be new, but which photographer, who is engaged in photography profoundly and doesn´t just do snapshots, doesn´t know this feeling? If one is honest to oneself, one recognizes to copy someone else unwittingly at best. But are originality and creativity just illusions and the pursuit of them a simple waste of time because of that? The idea that every wise thought has already been spoken out or written down, every good picture already been painted and every good photo already been taken, is frightening. Nevertheless, this should not hinder us from taking pictures again and again or from at least trying to say something smart which doesn´t sound like a quotation instantly every now and then. 😉 In my opinion there are good reasons against capitulation. None of us has the mental capacity to verify if everything has already been said and every photo already been taken. And even if it should be true, there are no valid points against the attempt to do better. 😉


4 thoughts on “Vemödalen – The Frustration That Every Photo has Already Been Taken by Someone Else

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