We should be happy about the photo equipment of the 21st century


When discussing current photography equipment, which is so good that most of us will not be able to make full use of it in a lifetime, one easily forgets how all this started and that moaning about features, performance and image quality of modern cameras and lenses is complaining on a high level. The cameras shown below have neither autofocus, stabilizer nor a very high FPS rate, and you could not take them with you “just in case”. 100 years ago, cameras were large, heavy and difficult to use. Studying a manual for a few hours was useless, because the entire process, from taking the picture to printing it, was so complicated that you needed years to master it. Considering this I think we should be happy to be able to use the advanced technology of the 21st century to take our photos. Compared to yesteryear there simply are no bad or difficult-to-use cameras. By the way, I like the third photo best 😉


Image source: blog.creativelive.com

Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_2 Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_3 Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_4 Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_5 Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_6 Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_7 Fstoppers_Davidgeffin_geffinmedia_vintagecamera_8

Image source: blog.creativelive.com

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