Stephen Wilkes ‘Day to Night’: Photos that Merge Day and Night


During my daily googling, I came across a highly interesting photo project. Officially introduced already a few years ago, I believe I must have lived on Mars for a short period of time for not having seen this any earlier. I can’t understand how else I could ignore Stephen Wilkesand his photos merging day and night so long. 😉

The fascinating part of Wilkes’ Day to Nightphotos is the effect many of you will recognize from time lapse videos. Time is being immensely accelerated; one instant you see the scenery at day, the other at night. In a photo, this effect is naturally carried to the extremes; you don’t have to wait, not even a split second, until you can draw the amazing parallel between daylight and artificial light. Additionally, Wilkes’ urban landscapes look gorgeous even without this effect. With it, however, they are transformed into pictures with the potential of sticking in your memory for a long time.


© Stephen Wilkes

ny2 ny3 ny8 ny4

© Stephen Wilkes

If you are just as fascinated with Wilkes’ photos and want a backstage glimpse to look over the master’s shoulder, you should watch this behind the scenes video.

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