Total Lunar Eclipse: The ‘Blood Moon’


In Europe, you couldn’t really see the total lunar eclipse on April 15th, it was only visible in Australia, South and North America. As I am constantly browsing many English photo websites, I picked up on the hype around the “blood moon” and don’t want my living on the wrong side of the planet to upset my plans. Fortunately, we are living in an interconnected world and can watch and follow events taking place far away. After a quick search, I found the photo by US-photographer Mike Mezeul II embedded below.According to his article on Petapixel, it is a photomontage consisting of several dozen shots merged into one to illustrate the event in a single photo.


© Mike Mezeul II

Those of you having tasted the blood (sorry 😉 ) and wishing to see moved images, you’ll find the NASA video below, taken at „The Griffith Observatory“ in Los Angeles.

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