Tip: Sarah Lee’s underwater photography


Usually, underwater photography is linked to photos of marine creatures and weeds, but there is also an entirely different area dealing with sports such as surfing and underwater portraits. Hawaii-born photographer Sarah Lee occupies herself with this latter kind of underwater photography. Having developed a liking for swimming and surfing since early childhood, Sarah enjoyed finding such subjects, whenever she got a camera put in her hands before a contest. I can’t tell why she eventually preferred photography over the two sports, but I’m glad she did. I haven’t known photos with colors like this and such play of light and shadows.


© Sarah Lee

Sarah-Lee-2 Sarah-Lee-3 Sarah-Lee-4 Sarah-Lee-5 Sarah-Lee-6 Sarah-Lee-7

© Sarah Lee

If you find Sarah Lee’s photography as fascinating as I do and if you want to look over her shoulder while she shoots the photos, you should watch the following “behind the scenes” video:

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