Tip: Mo Devlin’s Frozen Flowers


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t viewed flower photos for a while now simply because I’ve had my fill. As flowers are typically counted among the most favored subjects, you get to see them daily in hundreds with the same angle of view, composition or bokeh – so the ambitious flower photographer needs to come up with something special to impress viewers or prevent them from moving on. Such a flower photographer, lately promoting the genre with his frozen flowers, is Mo Devlin. The effect (I mean the longish air bubbles) he accidentally discovered and ever since craftily uses, transforms any ever so common flower into something new, a piece of art.


© Mo Devlin

frozen11 frozen12 frozen15 frozen16 frozen17 frozen18 frozen19 frozen20

© Mo Devlin

As so often, the breathtaking results require a lot of practice and eagerness to experiment. It cannot simply be achieved by mere use of a flower, a container and some tap water. Mo often colorizes his flowers to make them appear more colorful and uses distilled water instead of tap water. No matter where you live or how pure the tap water, as soon as it’s frozen, minerals come to light clouding the view on the beautiful flower in the block of ice. As we all know, you don’t get very far in photography without light, which is the reason why Mo uses a subtle lighting set consisting of up to five flash units.

More information on the project and on Mo’s setup and equipment can be found on Petapixel. 🙂

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