Photo Equipment: Tops and Flops of the Year 2013


A few years ago, when the business of photo equipment still flourished, it was common to leave out easily implementable features from a technical point of view, in order to artificially curtail cameras. This was done in order not to cannibalize more expensive models, or to leave it over for innovations for a follow-up model. In some cases, the required hardware was already aboard; the only thing missing was the software or the right firmware. The numerous features that can be unlocked by means of Magic Lantern Firmwares on Canon DSLRs illustrate this fact most impressively. Currently, it rather appears to me that just about all manufacturers do their best not to fall by the wayside. I have the feeling that 2013 brought as many interesting cameras and lenses to the fore as never before, due to poor market conditions and uncertain prospects. This is why it is so difficult to elect a single lens or camera the most interesting one of the year. I’m glad that I won’t have to, because the guys from The Camera Store already did so. 🙂

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