Funny: toilet paper holder shaped like a Polaroid camera


After Lens Mugs and pillows shaped like lenses there is now one additional utensil, which every photography enthusiast and afficionado can’t do without: I’m talking about the toilet paper holder by the name of „Polaroll“, made to look like an instant Polaroid camera. 😛

What’s it about? Polaroll is made to look like the SX-70 One Step White/Rainbow and works in pretty much the same way, only that instead of instant film toilet paper is coming out of its front side. 😉



pola-rroll (1)


On one hand, because of their similar functioning principle, I think that the idea is great. On the other hand I find it sad, that the name of a once great company, one that has shaped photography as we know it today, is being „misused“ by being placed on such products. That’s what happens to companies that consider themselves too big and too important to fail. At one point or another they stop being innovative, skip an important technological advancement and vanish. Keeping the most recent market data in mind, I’m asking myself whether in 5 to 10 years we will see toilet paper holders made to look like Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus cameras…

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