Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera by Sigma more and more likely!


Two weeks ago, I reported about an mFT-camera with interchangeable lenses that Sigma is said to be working on according to rumors on Sigma-Rumors.com. At that time, I thought it was unlikely for Sigma to commit itself to a smaller sensor-format with a potential MILC. Only Nikon 1 system cameras (that are equipped with a 1” sensor) have even smaller sensors than mFT. As I’m active in a lot in different forums, I know that many Foveon fans wish for a Sigma system camera with a bigger sensor. “Bigger” refers to full frame, since the current Foveon, at work in the SD1M reflex camera and the DP Merrill compact cameras, is only a degree smaller (APS-C). What is expected of the bigger chip is either more resolution or perceptibly better noise performance at unchanged resolution, but I am rather given to the latter. As matters stand, it is almost certain that Sigma will present a MILC in 2014.


Sigma DP with an added mount by third party craftsmen

Source: xitek.com

With reference to own sources, both mirrorlessrumors.com as well as 43rumors.com confirmed the rumor since my last post. What is uncertain is only whether there will be a mFT-, APS-C or full frame sensor. I’d find it especially funny if Sigma announced its full frame MILC before Canon and Nikon present theirs. 😛

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