Is Sigma Working on a mFT DP Camera with interchangeable lenses?


It is no secret that Sigma is part of the Micro-Four-Thirds-Consortium and offers lenses for the system and thus may use the mount anytime for their own cameras with mFT interchangeable lenses. According to the latest rumors, Sigma is currently working on exactly this kind of camera with a mFT Foveon sensor. It would make sense, since Sigma already offers three affordable lenses with good image quality. These are the 19mm f/2.8, 30mm f/2.8 and 60mm f/2.8. They are available for less than €200 each and thus offer a very good cost-benefit-ratio. But as so often, there is a “but!”.


Sigma DP with an added mount by third party craftsmen


The question is, how good would a mFT Foveon be? The current APS-C-sensor in the SD1 and the DP Merrills is three years old. In the world of electronics, this is enough time to noticeably enhance the performance and High-ISO, above all. However, a “downgrade” to the smaller format would negate any optimization done to the sensor. It would be nice if the mFT Foveon extended the usable ISO range a stop or two, but whether this is realistic I cannot say. Furthermore, it is uncertain how well the mFT Foveon would harmonize with Olympus and Panasonic lenses. Should these not provide sufficient corner resolution or cause color shift and other flaws the advantage of a wider lens offer would vanish. However it may turn out, I would like for Sigma to risk this step. This would be competition for Sigma’s own DPM camera line, to be sure, but the DP MILC would be a camera which would appeal to the mass market much more.

  1. […] Two weeks ago, I reported about an mFT-camera with interchangeable lenses that Sigma is said to be working on according to rumors on At that time, I thought it was unlikely for Sigma to commit itself to a smaller sensor-format with a potential MILC. Only Nikon 1 system cameras (that are equipped with a 1” sensor) have even smaller sensors than mFT. As I’m active in a lot in different forums, I know that many Foveon fans wish for a Sigma system camera with a bigger sensor. “Bigger” refers to full frame, since the current Foveon, at work in the SD1M reflex camera and the DP Merrill compact cameras, is only a degree smaller (APS-C). What is expected of the bigger chip is either more resolution or perceptibly better noise performance at unchanged resolution, but I am rather given to the latter. As matters stand, it is almost certain that Sigma will present a MILC in 2014. […]


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