Tip: ESA’s Observing the Earth and Space in Images


As all NASA-websites went offline and 97% of all employees have been placed on administrative leave since the US government shutdown, fans of gorgeous space photos now need to look for alternatives. Fortunately, we Europeans have an own space agency exploring outer space and the earth while diligently taking photos. Of the numerous projects of the European Space Agency, Observing the Earth and Space in Images seem to be most interesting to us photographers. The first one is a huge image archive of the earth from orbit, which has been updated by one new photo on a weekly basis since 2005 now. The photos that have been taken by satellites in the course of various research missions are not merely scientifically valuable thanks to extensive explanatory notes, but also stunningly beautiful and highly informative. Here’s a little foretaste:



Space in Images is a collection of various ESA-images, of space, the earth and various projects and activities of the agency. The layout of the page is somewhat peculiar. Missing a chronicle feature, you have to click on a photo and subsequently click the year on top to browse all articles of the desired year (i.e. “ESA >Space in Images > 2013 > 10 > Hebes Chasma mesa). Anything but user-friendly, but it’s definitely worth it. 🙂

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